Getting to Know Sophie Von Der Goltz - Vintage Wearer, Knitting Enthusiast and European Ceramics Specialist

Getting to know Sophie Von Der Goltz, vintage wearer, knitting enthusiast and European ceramic specialist. We thought it would be lovely to share with you all some of our fabulous customers in a new getting to know you feature over on the blog. We're kicking off with a bang and featuring our dear friend and customer, Sophie. Who we have now had the pleasure of knowing for a number of years. She first visited our small shop in Shrewsbury a number of years ago on a visit with her husband and bought a fabulous 1940's ceramic novelty print rayon from us, since then we love having catch ups, chatting for hours over our passion for vintage styling and sharing our treasures with her. She has a particular love for 1930's & 1940's fashions which happen to be our favourite eras too! 

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am originally from Germany and moved to the UK almost 15 years ago to attend university in Scotland. I ended up meeting my husband there and have been here ever since. I now work for an Auction house as a European Ceramics Specialist.
What are your hobbies ?
One of my main hobbies is amateur dramatics. I belong to a musical theatre group in London and regularly perform in their two shows a year. Sadly, the current show had to be rescheduled until next year, but we now have weekly social zoom workshops. I also knit a lot, mainly from vintage patterns, and I recently started painting with watercolours. 
What started your interest in the Vintage Lifestyle and fashions from the period?
I always loved watching old films from the 30s - 60s, but my real interest in vintage fashion started when I discovered that my grandmother had kept some of her favourite outfits and evening gowns from the 50s and 60s which fit me perfectly. I wore some of  these during my time at unit, but once I moved to London (about 11 years ago) I started wearing vintage clothing on a daily basis. I would not say I follow a vintage lifestyle though, definately a case of "Vintage aesthetic, not vintage values".
What was your very first vintage purchase ? And do you still own it?
My first vintage purchase was a 1940s navy cotton dress  which I sadly sold years ago. Maybe I should have kept it!
What is your favourite era and why?
This is a tricky question, as I have changed my style a few times over the years. I have always loved the fashions of the 1930s and 1940s in particular, but I am currently dressing mainly 30s. Although, I do also mix decades and incorporate some modern vintage-style pieces into my outfits.
What is your current vintage favourite piece in your wardrobe?
This is extremely difficult to answer, as I have many favourites! However, not too long ago I managed to purchase my "Holy grail", a 1940s suit by costume and fashion designer Gilbert Adrian. It is definitely my greatest treasure and is only worn on very special occasions.
Who are your vintage inspirations?
I take my inspiration from a variety of sources. Classic films and original fashion illustrations for instance - vintage sewing and knitting patterns are a wonderful source. But I am also inspired by many fellow  vintage lovers who I know in real life or follow on Instagram. 
What is your favourite piece you have purchased from Maggie Mae's Vintage?
The 1930s  cigarette print dress which was part of the virtual Festival of Vintage fashion show. It incorporates all of my favourite design features from the 30s fashion : a geometric print, interesting sleeve details and a good collar.
Do you like mixing eras in your everyday style? and do you like wearing both original and reproduction pieces?
Yes I do. I often mix original with reproduction or with modern pieces in vintage style. I also mix eras - it just depends what I feel like. The nice thing about fashion or wearing vintage is, that there ae no set rules and it is up to you to decide on your own style.
Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start wearing vintage fashions and embracing the vintage lifestyle?
Do not be scared to try different styles and eras or mixing pieces. There is no right or wrong way to wear vintage. If you are worried about delicate fabrics or unsure about caring for older vintage, reproduction brands like House of Foxy are a great place to start.
What is your top tip for vintage shopping and bargain hunting?
I have been known to search through ebay for bargains and have been very lucky in the past. My best find many years ago was a 1930s lame' gown for £12, which was described as a vintage dress.  If you have time and energy it is definitely worth having a look. However, I much prefer shopping at events now or buying from vintage dealers I know.  Especially if you are new to vintage, it is a better idea to shop in person, as you get to feel the fabrics, see the finishing and try on different styles to see what suits you best and what you feel comfortable in.
A big thankyou to Sophie for taking the time to have a chat with us and letting us share a sneaky insight into her life with you all. If you would like to follow her on Instagram its @sophiedvg. We really hope you liked this segment over on the blog 'Musings of a Shop from times gone by', if you would like to feature in the future please do get in touch. 
Thanks & Speak Soon 
Maggie & Megan x 

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